Uno R3 comport issue

When I try to upload It says that com1 is not found, I have power to the uno r3 the light is on... but when I go tool> serial ports the serial ports option is greyed out... so I can't adjust anything... What do I do from here?

You should at least indicate the version of Windows and which version of Arduino (1.0.3, 1.0.4...) you are using. You may go to Control Panel and check whether there is any COM port with a yellow triangle, in which case you should search and install the most updated drivers for your Windows version.

I think you have not install your drivers first. its usually on COM 3.

Thank you, you are correct even tho It was greyed out after i did a device manager and sent it to the arduino 1.0.4 director to find the right inf file it is now responding on com port 7.