UNO R3 for toggle switches

I am a new member and request help as to both feasibility and solutions. I am inexperienced in electronics, but keen to learn.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To interface a home made switchbox (6 ON-OFF toggles) with DCS, a flight simulation programme. There is a freeware program ("Helios") which can facilitate this, allowing physical switch-changes to activate virtual switches in the Simulator.

PROGRESS TO DATE: Switchbox built and UNO ( USB connection, COM3) wired in using a Breadboard. All checked with multimeter.

PROBLEMS: I can't get Helios to recognise my UNO, and it seems to be an UNO problem because,
1.) When connected UNO shows an orange and a green light. neither of which flashes and,

2.)The dropdown selections in Helios (which allow me to specify the UNO as the "EOS Device" are non-responsive.

3.) I have also tried using another freeware program to facilitate the interface (DCS-BIOS), with similar results (I.e. non recognition of the UNO.)

I hope I have chosen the right forum for this subject.

I will appreciate any help available.


This forum section does seem a good place to start although it will almost certainly be better to move it to Programming once you start to write code. Do not start a new topic at that time

Please post a link to the "Helios" program

Hi UKHelibob,

Thanks for your reply. The Helios website is: GitHub - Gadroc/helios: Helios Repository. In case it is relevant, the site for DCS-Bios is: GitHub - dcs-bios/dcs-bios

Best regards,