UNO R3 is not being detected


I started programming with arduino about a month ago, I am still fairly new to this kind of stuff.

Problem: My arduino UNO R3 I bought from adafruit is not being reconized by the OS.

OS: Linux Ubuntu Arduino:Arduino UNO R3 Other Info:I had this same exact arduino work with windows before, it is not a hardware defect. Anyone can provide deatailed instructions on how to make linux work with my arduino?

Thx in advance!

in which way it is not recognized?
Under Ubuntu the Arduino UNO will be found under /dev/ttyACM0 (in my case), to get access via the IDE you need to change the rights of that port to 666 or better you must make your current user member of the dailout group using:
sudo usermod -aG dailout

BTW: a Mega Board will be listed under /dev/ttyUSB0

(The number of the ports can be different from 0)

//E You have to relog after you modified your groups in order to get it work.