UNO R3 not communicating heeeeeeeelp


Fellow arduino users.
A very disapointing experience.
Just bought a new UNO R3 board. (All other boards I,am working with are working fine. )
Found it not working.
Checked the forum and found a lot of the same problems.
But not found a solution.
So I have two questions;

  1. what is the solution for the error avrdude: stk500_getsync();
  2. Is there a common solution for this problem? From the arduino community?

Kind regards,



Fellow urduino users.

I must admit I was a bit frustrated and therefore not correct.
I make my apolozise to the comunity.

After some more surching I found the solution for my communicating problem.

It is easy you just must install. the correct USB driver for the UNO board which is equiped with the atmel 16U2 chip instead of the
FTDI usb chip.
So you must install the correct driver.
All you can read on the site,


But I,am happy to be able to contiuoud with my project.