UNO r3, Teensy ++2.0, flysky gt2 2ch tx, flysky 3ch rx, 16x2 LCD, HELP!!!

:blush: i need some help here, im not sure where to start.. but what i want to do is this...

i want to use my 16x2 lcd with 4-way digital keypad and select button, with teensy ++2.0 on my flysky gt2 tx i would like to have my steering input, throttle input and a custom added 3rd channel input read by the teensy, i would like the teensy to be able to digital trim the inputs and possibly be able to reverse the travel as well.. i would like to be able to output a menu system to the 16x2 lcd that would show channel direction and servo trim settings, then after all is said and done, i would like to output to ppm to my flysky tx module...

i would then like to have the flysky receiver and uno r3 with bluetooth connected to my rc truck id like to have flysky rx ppm connected to arduino uno r3 and decode ppm to esc, steering servo, custom leds( led signal lights that respond to steering and braking and daylights with a light sensor ) id also like to have a thermal probe from esc/motor feed temps to bluetooth( i have a arduino compatible bluetooth module) output to my android phone as a sort of drive by telemetry

Anyone?? Someone has to have an idea of where I can start

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