Uno R3 to influx

I have an Ardunio R3 with several sensors that I would like to write to Influxdb. Influxdb is installed and working fine since I am also sending other sensor data from other source.
There is an influx library that I would like to use. When I validate my code it says that only ESP8266 or ESP32 is supported. Cannot I use this with Uno R3? If I connect my R3 with ESP8266 wifi module should work?

An ESp32 or ESp8266 cannot run the sensor? If the ESP can run the sensor, then the Uno is not needed.

If you are going to do the connect Uno 8 bit machine to ESP 32bit machine then you'll want level shifters.

I have already an Uno R3 that is why I am trying to use it. ESP8266 board could not be suitable since it has only 1 analog input and I have multiply.
I am just wondering if the ESP01 wifi will be integrated with the existing UNO then this influx library will work or not. Or I need really an ESP board to get it work.

Look at ESP32 much later controller and lots of extras.

What sensors do you have and how do they connect to the controller?

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Yes, I was checking ESP32 that might be the way to go.
At this point I have the R3 and on breadboard hooked up with BMP180, MQ135, DHT22 and plan to buy MH-Z19B. I wanted to make the Uno wifi enabled and upload the data to influxdb which I already use for my smarthome system (Fibaro). Once it has the wifi install this into a box and place outside. But I stuck tohow to upload to influx.

You could use the ESP8266 to do the job and just get the other data via serial from the UNO. Maybe a nano or a mini.

You mean to have the sensors connected to R3 and on breadboard integrate the ESP01 with Uno? So ESP01 will do the communication?


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