Uno Rev 3 programming system

So the concept for this project I have is to create a weather box that can read, and display, the temp, humidity and air pressure of the air around it. I currently have all of the pieces that I believe I would have needed, including the Arduino Uno Rev 3 board, The Vellemen M103, M102, and M111 analog sensors, along with the Arduino TFT LCD screen.

Now I have very limited time to figure out how to do this and make everything co-exist, but I have already assembled the pieces together in their proto-type physical wiring, and they all turn on. So with all sensors and the screen working off of the board, I now have to tackle the programming.

Now I have NO idea how to program anything more than basic PLC ladder logic, so Im really reaching out to someone to try and get some kind of programming help to get all these to work together and display.

Any kind of help would be amazing, thank you so much for taking your time out to read my plight.

Start with an example for the LCD. Next work with examples for the sensors. Possibly fiddle a bit with all of them to get an understanding how they work. Once you understand the working of the examples, write a sketch that integrates everything.

This section is for help with code that you already have written but does not work or if you need an explanation as to what e.g. an example does.

There is a gigs & collaboration section where you can ask for paid-for solutions if you're really in a hurry.

Please provide links to the modules that you bought so for further help we at least know.