UNO SMD unrecognizable

Hi I got my arduino some time ago and through 3 (yes 3) different computers, my arduino has never been recognizable. By this I mean my arduino has never been in the COMP & LPT Port. I currently use Windows 8 in an attempt to fix it but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get my board recognized so I can finally use it?!?!

Try this:

  1. + and type “shutdown.exe /r/o/f/t 00” and click the button.

  2. The system will restart and come to a “Choose an option” screen and select “Troubleshoot”.

  3. In the “Troubleshoot” screen, select “Advanced options”.

  4. In the “Advanced options” screen, click .

  5. The system will restart and come to the “Advanced Boot Options” screen and select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”

  6. The system will restart Windows 8 and will be ready to install the drivers.

You might want to try eried's installer.
It is based on 1.0.4 which has signed drivers, so you don't need to do the Disable Driver Signature Enforcement trick.

Download the installer packaged from this topic: