Hi I'm New to Arduino
I have a UNO SMD that I thought that I had damaged it so I perched a UNO R3. I was using the R3 to run a 6 LED matrix then through to retest the SMD board on the matrix and it is working so I loaded the Blink 13 to the SMD board and it did not flash as the R3 did so I did more testing changed the 13 pin to 12 pin it flashed then changed to pin 11 and yes it flashed so then I tried the LED anode in pin 11 and the cathode in pin 13 and it Flashed but at less intensity then if it was cathode in the ground pin and the anode in the pin 11 all the others pins do work
So my question what have I damage or nead to replace on the SMD board so the pin 13 light up and to flash the SMD led on the pin 13 is constantly on even when I load a program on to the board
the TX and RX LEDs flash and of course the green LED is on
So again what have I damaged that I nead to replace so pin 13 operates correctly Thank You

Pin 13 is a pin from the microcontroller, that is the SMD version of the ATmega328p.
You can't replace it, and the whole board is no longer reliable. I suggest to stop using it.

When you use a led, always have a series resistor.

P.S.: Some people can replace a large smd chip, but I can't.

Thank's Karma
I thought that mite be the case I also have problems replacing larger chips,
maybe when I am more tooled up. Cheers