uno.standard.hex and uno.with_bootloader.standard.hex file extention meanings

Hello all,

I don't know to which extent this information is useful but I'm running

  • Arduino IDE 1.6.5-r5 on MacOSX
  • Compiling for Arduino Uno

I'm interested in getting the .hex files Arduino IDE compiles. I got them through Sketch->Export Compiled Binaries.

Everything goes well, no problem. The hex files are correctly generated I suppose.

I just want to know what the two hex files mean:

If I use AVRDude to burn them on my Arduino Uno, what's the difference of each file? Which one is generally used by Arduino IDE when uploading? I couldn't decipher from the verbose output because the temporary file has a different filename.

It looks like the answer is pretty simple but I couldn't find the answer in the website's documentation.

Any help is appreciated, but please keep any salt to yourself.

As the names indicate, the first doesn't include the bootloader, the second does. When you do a normal serial upload over USB to an Arduino the bootloader receives the serial communications and writes the sketch data to the flash memory. Normally when you upload a sketch to your Arduino using a programmer the bootloader is overwritten by the sketch so you can no longer do serial uploads via USB until you have burned the bootloader to your Arduino again. However, if you upload the with_bootloader hex file then the bootloader and sketch will be written to your Arduino and you will still be able to do serial uploads.

That's a very helpful explanation thank you very much.

Hi guys can u help me in copying from a compliled audrino uno project to another audrino uno, or is there a way to extract hex file from a compiled uno

Thanks in advance

Please do not hijack threads, post your question in a new thread using a meaningful title. This way you will get better answers (than mine) :slight_smile:
Answer to your question: yes, the contents of the flash memory can be read and then transfered to another chip unless it is deliberately read-protected by the programming person. Search the forum, this has been discussed many times