Uno stopped responding to computer and L light flickering

I got a knockoff Uno with a component kit I bought for my RPi3. The Uni seemed to be working fine up until last night. I followed a guide from the main site to build a smart LED night light. Sketch uploaded just fine, and it worked perfectly with me covering the photoresistor with my hand. Unplugged the Uno and took it into the bedroom to try it out and when I plugged it in, only the L light and the power light came on. Sketch I used never used the 13th pin or the L light so I knew something bad was happening. Tried again today, with nothing connected to the pins, and Uno appears to be bricked for lack of a better term. Power light turns on, L light turns on but flickers (not blinking), and the Arduino software on my RPi3 now says it can’t find my Uno.

I read that reseating the atmega328p can fix weird issues, and after pulling it out, I noticed the VCC pin was bent inwards and never connected. Straightened that out, but it didn’t change anything, and it had worked previously like that. Weirdest thing tho, is that if I pushing down lightly on the atmega328p, touch various parts of the blue chip it all is attached to (without touching metal), or touch any of the male pins sitting next to the atmega328p, the brightness of the L light will change, making it flicker brightness between full and off.

I was hoping to get some advice on this to try to fix it. Read about using the GPIO on my RPi3 to flash the bootloader, and that I can flash the firmware for the 16U2 chip, but I don’t want to blindly jump in and risk breaking it more.