Uno supplies to distributor delayed again?

Despite announcement that ATMega328 supply constraint is solved and order for March to be fulfilled 7 to 8 days. The fact is it is not! Here is the proof.

  1. Place an order on 17th March. Paid on the same day.
  2. Not shipped until 25th, I got nervous and sent an email.
  3. No reply until 29th and the reply said it will be shipped end of the week. And that means 15 days instead of 7 to 8 days. If it ship as per the email.

My problem is I depend on it to be shipped 7 to 8 days. Since it does not shipped 7 to 8 days, I will not receive it in time since I am going to be out of town for several month. I can tolerate few days delay but this is whole week delay. Unjustifiable.

The cold shoulder, stonewalling and only answering email after it is too late to do any corrective action is also not a good sign.

But, now here is the important part.

It used to be that Duemilanove shipment was delayed too. I was not a distributor at that time. But got feedback from some of em that the wait is months. What kind of business can with stand that kind of delay?

IMHO that is the start Duemilanove clone becoming serious contender. The demand is there but no supply. The clone do the same work, sometime even have the same name ;). The best and most hilarious statement I read was that "Duemilanove manufacturing has been moved to China". So instead of Italian flag, we see made in China in the place holder.

I hope this is not going to happen to Uno.

I hope the head honcho up there will pay attention to this issue. And give accurate information. So that we all can at least face whatever crisis gracefully. Stand together instead of just watching "the least important" part of the supply chain stumble and start a domino effect. ;) Just kidding.

Best Regards, Haris

PST I really have no idea where to voice my concern. Looking at all the Forum, Bar Sport is as good as any. If anyone feel that this is better discussed in private, please send a private message! If there is no reply, either the Mafia got me or that out of town for months trip already happen!

Duemilanove manufacturing has been moved to China

As I remember that was a load of rubbish spouted by someone manufacturing clone boards.

As far as I know - official duemilanoves are not in production any more - why would they be?

It's 2011. The 2009 model has been discontinued since latter part of 2010.

The hilarious statement was actually made by a company (not official distributor) selling Arduino clone. Perhaps taking advantage of the fact that Duemilanove is no longer manufactured.

It is correct that the official Duemilanove is no longer manufactured. But official supplier can still get it, at a tad cheaper price than Uno. Perhaps until the stock dries up... some day ;)