UNO to Lilypad communication for LED showdown

I NEED YOUR HELP and hope some super experienced Arduino developers can help me.

I am an experienced programmer and I have a tuner car. I want to have five zones on my car with each zone having a series of RGB LED strips of which I want to turn on/off or display a single color or series of color in a pattern. I want to use my cell phones Bluetooth capability to communicate to a Arduino UNO or something you suggest. For the sake of this request I will call this Arduino the Master Unit. I then want to have five transmit/receive wires coming from the Master Unit connecting up to 5 Slave Units that I want to be Arduino Lilypads. In theory, I want to use my cell phone to send signals to the Master Unit acting as a traffic COP then it in turn sends a signal over a hard wire to a Slave Unit (Lilypad) to turn on/off or display a color or series of color in a pattern on an RGB LED strip. Master Unit should only have a routine to get signals from the BlueTooth device and transmit/receive signals to the Slave Units. The Slave units will be in a Star topology (unless you think otherwise). The hard wire will have 4 wires, one wire for transmit, one wire for receive, one wire positive, one wire negative. The Slave Units will only receive signals from the Master unit telling it to turn on or off the LED strip or to display a single color or a series of color in a pattern timed with special effects. I hope to put this together quickly with your help. All of this must run on a 12 volt system (Car Battery). My question is which hardware should I purchase? How should I design the Master unit with a star topology hard wire configuration of 5 transmit/receive for the Slave Units? How should I design the Lilypads with one transmit/receive and power source of positive and negative wires to also include the 4 wires required to drive the RGB LED Strips? What published routines should I use for transmitting? Can you suggest some extensive RGB LED routines in a library I can use or purchase? I can build the Android and IOS interface routines to send signals through the Bluetooth. I can design a message based system that will transmit from the Master Unit to the Slave units to perform the required functions.