Uno upload error stk500_getsync()


Dumb question I hope.

I am just check the connection between the uno (that I hardly ever use) to this windows 7 laptop.

It uploads....ish. The flashing "Blink" example sketch is what I am using.

Example sketch has not been modified.

The LED (pin13) does not blink.

Upload error: "avrdude: stk_getsync()

It says this 10 times.

I can get board information:

BN: Arduino/Genuino Uno
VID: 2A03
PID: 0043
SN: 85439303233351909172

I am on the correct COM port, configured for 9600 8N1

Using a FTDI to USB adapter and listening to the serial I do get a "Ready!" string in the serial window after uploading.

I have the correct board selected in Tools>Board:"Arduino/Genuino Uno"

I have a tested and perfect USD 2.0 to USB 1 cable.

No external power, only powered by USB.

No external devices of shields