UNO USB Driver - installation fail (win 7)

(( Problem Resolved - Had to get driver for Chinese Clone - see below ))

Hi. I am having a problem installing the USB driver for UNO. It has never worked, and the board is the same as the day i received it (3 weeks ago). IDE itself seems to install fine. i have read a similar post in this forum -- (WIN7) Arduino Uno not reconized on computer -- but doesn't seem to be the same problem, plus his board is "3 or 4 years old"

In Device Manager, it appears in "Other Devices" as USB2.0-Serial, not in ports as troubleshooting / forum / google search seems to expect. I try to Update Driver, and browse to C:\Program Files\Arduino\drivers but windows could not find find driver software for your device.

IDE > Tools > Board is set to "Arduino / Genuino UNO"
IDE > Tools > Port > Serial ports is greyed / disabled. set on COM3 (which i know isn't right)

Two LEDs (both RED - one flashing) appear when i plug board in.

I purchased 2 boards as a set from China (i am in Australia) and it does NOT say Arduino OR Genuino on it, just UNO. doesn't say R3 on the board, but it did say on the aliexpress*com ad i ordered them from. [Is it possible this is a clone and not genuine?]

... or

Arduino IDE version - 1.6.12 (1.6.10 did the same thing) - downloaded 3 hours ago from here.
Windows version - Window 7 Starter (service pack 1) - 32 bit

This problem occurs on both my windows 7 laptops, the other isn't windows 7 starter though. 2nd board i gave to a friend, he is running Linux and not using this IDE (coding from text editor instead) and he reports NO problems at all.

Any advice appreciated... x Caitlyn

Note: i have read all similiar forum posts, not the same problem. I can't see whats written on the chip, will try in the sunlight (its 4am and i am very tired, my eyes aren't at the best)

If they are from China there is a very good chance you need it install the they are NOT included with the IDE..


Thank you kindly, BallscrewBob. that worked perfectly, and my problem is resolved.

Guess that also answers the clone question too = clearly my UNO is a clone.

Cost me US $12.33 for 2 of them, with starter kits as well, so i kinda knew.

x Caitlyn