Uno USB PORT Master

Is it possible to use a 'Uno" USB Port to Drive a USB Terminal, A Sure Electronics DE-DD210 3208 Controller Board??? The Board has a CP2102 FTDI Chip on it and the Data on it’s output looks like 9600 baud… Slow stuff. Again curious B4 I connect anything else to it…
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This board has a TTL UART input in the corner just aside the USB connector. Why would you use USB serial emulation if there's simpler solution available. You have a rs232- and a TTL-level interface available, I'd use that.

To answer your question: You could use your UNO to do that but you have to compile a new firmware for the Atmega16U2. To my knowledge no software exists to terminate a USB serial connection as a host on that chip (the other side is standard in the UNO), so you have to write your own and optimize it to fit into the 16kB flash of the 16U2, not a trivial task.

Thank you for your prompt answer, I was curious in light of the change in R3 to the '16U processor and also the use of a processor instead of much (I think) less expensive USB UART interfaces like the CP2102 or FTD232. The main reason was that the Comm link appears to be a 9600 baud common RS232 data link. I haven't yet gone to the bother of doing much more than looking at the 5v data on the board with an oscilloscope and the next thought was that well, Maybe someone has done it before. Many years an old man told me "If You don't Ask, You Don't Get" so... I think what I want to do will be trivial, not much more than a serial LCD display board to get the information I need.