Uno v3 + Wifi + JSNSR04 v1.0 +


This is my hobby project. Id like to build a water level monitor whit these parts Arduino Uno v3 + Wifi + JSNSR04 v1.0 + thingspeak. I need to make a graph from this data. I have got some questions.

Can i use around 20m long shilded cable YSLCY-JZ 4x0.5, from Uno to the sensor board?

How many volts need for the ESP8266. Is there a 5V wifi module? I got 3 transformator in my cabinet, 24V AC, one more 24V AC, and 12V DC. I will deffinetly need to build a voltage regulator for the sensor board, but i dont want to make another for 3,3V.

I’d like to turn off the wifi module, and the sensor module when i dont need them. Is that a problem, or do i need to run those for 0-24?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,