Uno Vista Problem

I'm trying to install the driver for an Arduino Uno to no avail. I'm using a Dell laptop with ,multiple USB ports, Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 32-bit. I've tried numerous times using device manager and directing to the Drivers folder where the inf file is located and continuously get the following message:

"Windows found driversoftware for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Arduino Uno

The system cannot find the file specified."

I've searched the forum here but haven't found any clear solution or why exactly some Vista users are able to install while others are not. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem?

XP has a bug installing inf files under certain circumstances, its possible it made its way into Vista as well :

Thanks, I've created the RunOnce registry key but it made no difference. Admittedly, this is above my knowledge level so I'm assuming I did so correctly. I created the key, which appears as a folder in the specified directory, which contains a REG_SZ Default file. Am I missing anything?

The REG_SZ key is there by default in XP, its probably the case in Vista too. I don't have Vista here to check it on.