UNO vs. Diecimila

Hi. I'm having a weird problem with the UNO and a Sensirion humidity/temp sensor. Using the SimpleSensirion sketch included in the Arduino environment, the sensor works fine with the Diecimila (when I use a 10 k pullup resistor on the data line).

When I move the connections from the Diecimila to the UNO, I only get zeroes for the output (although it still prints the same words - temperature, humidity, dew point). If I move it back to the Diecimila, it's fine. I changed the board type when programming each, so I don't think that's it. Also, since it is printing the words correctly, some of the simpler problems would presumably be ruled out (serial communication, etc).

Has anyone else seen this, or successfully used the SimpleSensirion sketch with a UNO?

I would triple check your wiring as you move the sensor from one board to another. Both boards use the same processor chip (328) and once running a sketch they are 100% identical. So I would state you have either a wiring difference/problem when you move from one board to the other, or a defective 328 on the Uno, can't think of any other possiblity.