uno vs nano?

I dont know which board to get the arduino uno or the nano, i know the uno is more for prototyping but i can do the same on the nano and,
the nano has more pins so thats a plus but the uno just seems like its not as good as the nano and
the uno has less pins and its bigger?

Get one of each.
The Uno for prototyping, the Nano to build into a completed project.
Then Nano offers 2 more analog (only) inputs; 50mA of 3.3V current from its FTDI USB adapter.
Not really good for prototyping unless you put pins or female headers on it.

Screw shields are available for the Uno to make it more solid for a longer term prototype.

Nano screw shields are also available.

It's funny because in my opinion, the Nano is much better for prototyping than the Uno. The reason is the Nano will plug into a breadboard, stripboard, or protoboard. The Uno is great for when you want to use Arduino shields, which you can't do with the Nano. For anything else, I use the Nano.

I agree with Crossroads that the best plan is to get at least one of each.

Gravitech also has other Nano shields available.

I've never used a Nano myself, but I have built their Promini's into several projects that needed less than 20 IO pins.

Gravitech also has other Nano shields available.

It's true, and there are a few other Nano shields available from the usual places, but that's nothing compared to the huge selection of shields available for the Uno form factor.