UNO vs Zero


I am using UNO with Mega Moto Plus. But realized that I need more UART ports. Zero looks like a good option and I was wondering that can I interface Mega Moto with out any problems regarding hardware and software point of views.

Mega Moto's data sheet is as follows

I was also wondering what are the differences in the ways that both boards get programmed via Audrino's IDE. I am planning to put the SAM21G on my own board and what implications should I expect.



The microcontroller on the Arduino Zero runs at 3.3V, which means that you must never apply more than 3.3V to its inputs or outputs. When you connect sensors and actuators to the Arduino Zero always take care that the maximum voltage limits are not exceeded on the pins. Connecting higher voltages, like the 5V commonly used with the other Arduino boards, will damage the Zero.

Other then this you can try it.