Uno WifFi V2


I am working with the Uno WiFi board using the WiFiNINA library. I have written a sketch to read temperature using the DHT library. I am connecting to my local WiFi securely and am able to send a message to my local browser at the IP address that was assigned at the connection. I now want to send an SMS message using the form of mail() with bool mail ( string $to , string $subject , string $message [$additional_paramaeters ]]) so for example:
mail("", "" , "Your package has arrived!" , "From Me <>\r\n";

I am able to use the mail function using PhP hosted (and there are examples of this) but my question is why can i not use a method to send the text string directly out through the established connection to the internet via the wifi connection in the form of an email to the phone number as above. Sorry to ask this but I am stumpted as to how .


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