Uno Wifi rev 2 Sleep mode

I have a functional DHT22 program taking temp readings and inserting into SQL server Via PHP. I run the Arduino Uno Rev 2 Wifi every 30 minutes and want it to sleep most of that time to save battery power. Is that possible with this board?

Using the words "arduino uno sleep mode" in your favorite internet search engine can answer the question.

I'm not familiar with your board. But some thoughts below

An Uno on it's own is a poor choice for power savings. Adding the additional components like 32U4, the encryptor chip and the WifFi/BLE makes it worse.

The Uno Wifi Rev 2 uses the 4809 and not the 328P; if you manage to get it in powerdown mode (should be possible, never used one), your savings will probably not be that significant in the bigger picture.

You will have to find ways to put the other devices (mentioned above in this post) also in sleep mode, specifically the WifiNina and possibly the 32U4.

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