Uno wifi rev 2, Tentacle, ST_Anything -- help needed

I’m trying to get a system up and running for my person use that monitors swimming pool water chemistry and feeds the data to Smartthings.

I’ve got an Uno Wifi Rev 2 set up and connecting to my wifi.

I have an Atlas Scientific Tentacle shield with PH, ORP and TEMP sensors/probes communicating just fine using i2c with the Uno.

I’m having difficulty with getting it to send the data to Smartthings (from which I can send it to Grovestreams, as I do many other streams).

I tried working with ST_Anything, but getting the i2c data into Smartthings is just over my head.

I'd be happy to pay for some help.

Thank you!


could you post your code please ? ( hope you know how to use code tags )

Thank you!

My code has more than 9000 characters -- what's the proper way around this?

I’ve attached the .ino file – hope that works for you.

jrs_unowifi_tent_1_3_2020.ino (22.7 KB)