uno wifi upload

Down loaded driver from wemos, and it shows up on device manager Windows 7 as CH340 com4, Com4 also shows up on IDE port, driver says it loaded successfully, (retried it many times), Unplugging in the board makes it disappear from device driver list, so the hardware is being recognized. The "Arduino wifi board" is selected on the IDE. Is this Wemos board junk or does anyone have a suggestion. I have a UNO board from Arduino, shows up as Com3 and works fine.

It is NOT an arduino "wifi" board.

It is a totally different board and until you install the board package for the Wemos boards there is little you can do with it from the IDE

You need to install the ESP8266 package.

There is a step through here which I would have expected you to have found if you have access to google ?

Or here
or almost anywhere when you search for install wemos or install esp8266 for Arduino ide.

One of those should get you going.

thanks, looks like i received the older version D1, not D1R2 and will discard it

Certainly don't discard it.
There are still many useful things you can use them for !

I still keep obsolete hardware and occasionally find a good use for it.