Uno wifi vs nano 33

Hey there,
I am working on my first project with arduino and I realized I should of ordered a different board than the Uno. However it is great to have and learn on! I just need wifi and id like to keep this one for prototyping.

I am trying to decide now between the uno wifi and the nano 33

Heres what I am trying to do:
3 Pots to measure water levels in 3 tanks
3 temperature sensors to measure temp inside the building, outside, and beside the pump, possibly add more sensors for other key locations

I have a building which holds my water tanks for my farm, it is heated, but every winter we get -40c storms and it freezes up my lines if I dont catch it in time. I also dont check my water levels in the tanks and I run out occasionally. I have already programmed the code to read the pots, tell me how many gallons i have, alarm if it is low, and I want to have it text me a notifcation for multi different things. Low temp, low water level, excess water usuage (x amount of gallons used in X time).

So what would be the better board to use? A nano 33 or an Uno wifi? Im leaning towards the uno wifi simply for expandabilty, but maybe you guys have other suggestions.

Thank you!

Nano with WIFI.

Better yet, a ESP32.

So the ESP32 can be coded like the arduino and it has wifi built in?

Am I going to have enough inputs for 10 sensors lets say?

The nano 33 iot is what im looking at currently too, never thought of rhe esp32.

Is IoT hard to learn and it looks like it would help with my my project too


Should be fine with 10 sensors.

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