Uno with BLE 4.0 write multiple characteristics under 1 service

Hello world,
I try to write multiple characteristics under single service on a uno via a seeed grove ble 4.0 module.
here is the link of product (
I tried search the relative library and code. all of them shows based on arduino 101.

I can successfully connect the Bluetooth with my android phone via BLE terminal(my friend will write an app for me to read and write data on android device). There are 10 integers need to be transferred from uno to phone, and 2 from phone to uno. I used software serial and softwareserial.print to print data via classic bluetooth. Now, BLE use GATT protocol, and it support multiple characteristics under one service. Me and my friend try to separate those 10 integers to 10 characteristics, so in app the UUID analysis will become much easy.
1.Do I need to change the pin for connection? now, it is RX->TX(7),TX->RX(8).
2.Which library should I use?
3.Is that possible to modify CurieBLE library to work on a UNO?

Thank you very much.