Uno with Debian Linux - not uploading program


I'm trying to get my Uno to work in Debian 6.0 (latest build)..

For some reason there's no option for an Uno in the Board menu - i'm trying to program it with the Duemilanove setting for now.

I'm getting the error 'Programmer is not responding'. The board is fine, as I checked it with my mac.

Does anyone know how to get an Uno to work with Debian Linux? Or where to find the Uno setting in the board menu?



What's the version of the IDE that is installed?


I was running an old version of the IDE - I've since upgraded to Debian Wheezy, and voila! All is well.. Able to install the new IDE straight from the synaptic package manager.

I had to add my user to the 'dialout' group, but once I did that, I had access to the serial port..

Back in business!