UNO with Ethernet Shield R3

I recently bought an Ethernet shield and I got it up and running quickly with sample code. Now I am trying to use Ardumote on the iPhone to control it. I threw away the box and was wondering how I could find the mac and ip addresses. I am a total noob at the programming, so please explain!!

Thanks in advance!

What is your question? :cold_sweat:

One of my Ethernet shields had the MAC address as a sticker on the box, the other had it a sticker on the board itself. You then programatically set the MAC address in your setup() function. You should set the MAC to the the address that was given with your hardware. IP address can be set to anything you want.

I checked the board and before I threw the box away I checked it. Is there a way to reset the MAC address? I found an unused ip on my network though. Thanks!!

The MAC address for every ethernet device is supposed to be unique. The one that should be assigned to you device should always be unique, and no other device in the world should end up with the same MAC. If you lost it, it's really not a big deal, just make up a random one. The chances of it matching something else on your network are very small. But if you put more than 1 arduino on your network, they each have to have different MAC addresses.