UNO works but NANO will not communicate

Hello other experienced users,

I've been using the UNO and have successfully uploaded sketches which have worked fine. I got a Nano and thought there was something wrong with it since nothing would upload even after trying different USB cable and trying all available comm's switching the board type from UNO to Nano. Nothing works other then the program shipped in the NANO - the red led is on and the d13 on-board LED is blinking since they seem to have pre-loaded blink at the factory. I do get the TX & RX LED's blinking when I first connect to my PC and if I send a command to the board I see the RX give a quick blink but it seems that nothing ever comes back to my PC. I'm sad and angry and frustrated and do not know where else to turn. Can someone please help!!!


And is this using the ONLINE editor or the desktop ?
Is either one a clone ?

I've discovered the problem, The Nano's I had received from DigiKey manufactured by DFRobot have a problem with at least one batch. They admit that apparently someone loaded the wrong boot loader into the NANO. The one that was put in is for the UNO. so if you get a NANO manufactured by DFRobot and you can not upload a program to it it is likely to have this problem.