Hello guys,

I am trying to figure out a problem or 2. i have arduino uno with a SD Card reader from Ladyada. with 5 sensors.

  • internal Temp from the uC
    LM35 Fullscale

singely each sensors works fine, now the problem is when i connect the SD cardreader to my Arduino Uno, i cant read a bit/byte of what i am picking up from the sensorreadings. If i leave out the DS18S20 from my code it starts to work fine. the SPI Protocoll and oneWire, based on the story i read from BrentT which had almost the same problem, has nothing to do which each other. so what is going on? should i check the Memory? because i am doing for each sensor a for loop of 200 to get an average. secondly i read then write at a pace of 10ms towards 1000s whereby i write to the File.

i included 2 files wereby the first one is the total code and the second the Lm35 and DS18S20.

i would really appreciate it if someone tells me what i am doing wrong, or should improve/change to check the Buffer, because i think that thats where the problem lies.

sincerly Yours


finaldatalogger.ino (15.2 KB)

lm35ds18s20.ino (4.81 KB)