UnoBlockly, a visual programming environment

I have developed a Scratch-style visual programming environment dedicated mainly to the Arduino UNO board, Arduino Nano and other devices/kits based on the Atmega328 microcontroller; some modules dedicated to Seeed Studio Grove Beginner Kit, Makeblock mBot, OttoDIY are available.
I gave the project the name "UnoBlockly".
The software can be useful above all for beginners but also for teachers of Arduino courses: the possibility of working simultaneously with the generated code, facilitates the transition to programming through traditional languages. The generated code can be compiled and uploaded to the board, as UnoBlockly supports direct connection to the Arduino board via USB port.
UnoBlockly is an open source project written in javascript based on Blockly, Electron, Node.js, Bootstrap, Serialport, arduino-cli.
The current version (beta 4.0) is only compatible with Windows 10.
More information on (in Italian on

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