Unofficial vanilla OpenWrt Barrier Breaker for Arduino Yún

Vanilla OpenWrt for Arduino Yún

Description This is my port of a vanilla OpenWrt for Arduino Yún. It's unofficial and meant for developers, testers and advanced users.

Current version is Barrier Breaker (14.07).

Disclaimer Flash this at your own risk, I take no responsibility for your device! Flashing will VOID your warranty!

What's included - The default OpenWrt packages plus block-mount and e2fsprogs for easy extrooting. - Yún specific patches from arduino/openwrt-yun to support running OpenWrt. - [u]No Yún specific customizations[/u], but they might be available as additional LuCI packages later.

Note: this build does not include [


](, but it can be installed later, see the readme on GitHub for more instructions.

License See:

Installing instructions See the GitHub page.

Tips See the GitHub page.


  • [ ] Cleanup the Yún patches
  • [ ] Port/rewrite the Yún specific packages such as flashing sketches from the web UI Links Discussion via the Yún forum. Source at GitHub.



  • 2014-12-07

  • Initial release