Unojoy troubleshooting: Dfu unable to return into Arduino mode

Hi everyone

Yesterday I installed Unojoy and atmel flip software in order to use a megadrive pad on an arduino.
I had to turn the arduino into Dfu mode by first connecting together the two pins located beside the reset button.
then I runned a batch file called "Turn into a joystick" it opened a CMD prompt with some error line saying: "Opening port Atlibusbdfu: 3EB 2FF7 no device present". Isp done.

However the device manager detects a new device called Unojoystick but when I go into the test mode the controller is aweful !
When I press up on the pad it selects upperleft ! And when when I press another button nothing happens. I noticed however that when i press a combination of two buttons the key lights on with a 1,5 second delay.

When I want to go back into Arduino mode with the batch file "Turn into an Arduino.bat" it says the same error as above...ATlibusbdfu...3EB2FF7 no device present...

Any help may be appreciated