Unplugging Arduino FTDI causes dead USB ports on Mac (Sparkfun FTDI board)

Sparkfun USB to FTDI board: Mac OS X 10.10.n - 10.11.5 : if you (I) unplug the Arduino from the FTDI breakout or unplug the USB cable: very often, but not always, the USB port used is dead from then on, till a reboot. Updated FTDI drvr to 2.3, but still trouble. Same behaviour on USB ports directly on the computer, or in my monitor, or my keyboard..

My mac mini has a few USB ports, and when one goes "deadish" I can switch to another, but this is mighty irritating.


Sparkfun thinks it’s caused by Apple FTDI drivers that may be suboptimal.

As I am developing a mobile Arduino project I need to disconnect the Arduino often from it’s FTDI connection, so maybe that is why I run into this so often…

I filed a bugreport at Apple, so I guess it will be resolved shortly!