unplugging computer

when I unplug the computer it activates the light and fan , when it is plugged to a computer it works ok it is a light and fan turned on by a temper lm35 sensor, what am I doing wrong please

Your missing a closing bracket and you haven't connected the grounds.

But, seriously, how are we supposed to know without more details? The hints to what we need are in the first sentence.

I,m sorry I did not explain myself properly. What I got is a led and a fan controlled by a LM35 temp sensor, Everything works fine switching itself off and on at the pre-set temp, the problem is when I disconnect the computer the led and fan stay on regardless of temp. I hope that explains it if not please let me know what you want and I'll do my best to explain it and thank you for your assistance

How do you have it wired?

Thank you for helping ,I change the way the power came in and it's all good

Thanks for being a ***** and just stubbornly not answer any questions ask. People spent time helping and all you say now is "it's fixed!". Please at least edit the title of the first post to include [solved].

Ok I sorry I am new to this and has upset set the Arduino god but I will try to do the right thing in future and be guided by nice people

That’s why there is a nice and clear How to use this forum. We can’t make it any more clearer for you…

Thank you Septic

laidlow7: Thank you Septic

That is not the right way to win friends and influence people.