Unstable WiFi


recently my Yun arrived and soon I´ve figured out that the WiFi connection is quite unstable. I have searched the forum and changed the AP bandwith to 20MHz only but the problem is still there.

As long as I´m connected there is no problem, but when the connection is idle for some time I´m not able to access the Yun over WiFi anymore. I still can connect over ethernet and the configuration panel shows the WiFi as connected. I have also checked the System Log, but there are no relevant entries. After a reboot everything works fine for a while...

Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • Peter

Can you attach the output of command "dmesg" run right after you experience this idle-to-unreachable issue? Maybe the wifi module has print some useful info about why and when In order to run it, you can use both the YunSerialTerminal example or an SSH client (putty is my favourite)

Here is the dmesg output. I can´t see anything suspicious.

  • Peter

dmesg.txt (11.8 KB)

Have you run it right after you've experienced the idle-to-unreachable issue? Did it take 58 seconds to be unreachable?

Yes. No, the log at 58 seconds is just where it has finished connecting to the WiFi.

So you're saying the yun has become unreachable via wifi but dmesg is not logging anything related?

Yes exactly...

I’m out of ideas then… :frowning:

I have the same issue.

I guess depends how busy your network is . Mine was not busy and I put the wifi yun next to my repeater/router. I pickup stupid UDP traffic almost equal numbers to TCP traffic on port 123, for some reason the yun traffic monitor can see this. Wireshark cannot see this traffic from my pc. I will eventually have to put a firewall to block these.

So having these issues of not connecting. I put the yun straight to a lan cable, the same issue occurs, It is a hit and miss. My pc is on wifi 2nd floor, my yun can see the port with the lan cable most every time when I get connection . When I had this on the wifi , I was having a hard time capturing the port with the ide interface.

These are the Quarks I have been experiencing since I got this board last week. Anyone have any suggestions Thanks

update ping test : my pc 2nd floor wifi to wif yun 900ms -1916.325 ms to Lan yub 430ms -1444.417 ms :astonished:

Maybe you can try to monitor the wifi over time (see http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=256968.msg1816809#msg1816809 with link to python script in first message).

I actually had to put an extra access point to get a stable wifi connection. Before putting the extra AP the scripts was showing very regular wifi drops. Since I have the extra AP, the script has run for days without any wifi drop.