Unsure of appropriate components to make meat thermometer

Hi everyone. I'm interested in making a meat thermometer, but I'm not sure where I can purchase a thermal rod or component that would be best used to measure the temperature.

The way I wanted it was that it could have preset temperatures so that you could choose to have it rare or well done.

Temperature maximum would be 80 degrees tops.

I'd love to hear what you think!

Currently looking at DS18B20 (Digital Temperature Sensor), I would solder it to be shorter perhaps for it to be more of an appropriate length for cooking.

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You will need to start with a food compliant thermometer sensor for OH&S reasons.

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As suggested by @TomGeorge you should checkout available food thermometers. It is not going to be practical to use an Arduino to check the food while it is in an oven or under a grill, you are going to have to take it out.

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