Unsure of correct wire to connect servo to Arduino:


I bought an Arduino Uno recently to help me with a project and a HITEC HS-422 servo to run. However, I have a difficulty. I'm not sure what is the correct type of wire to buy to connect the Arduino to the servo.

This Internet picture shows the part I need (servo is different):

Any advice? Thanks for any help.

The item you have circled in the end of a standard hobby servo plug.

I would be very surprised if your servo did not come with something that looks very much like this. To make the connections, the person in that picture had taken something like 22 gauge solid core hookup wire and run that to the female header pins on the Arduino. You could also use breadboard jumper wires sold at many hobby stores, or even solder whatever wires you feel like to 3 pins of 1/10th inch male header.

If you really feel ambitious you can get a mating connector to three separate wires, or just do what I usually do and cut the connector off and solder on the wires you want.