Unsure of this one maybe someone can tell me?

Hello i been wondering if it's possible not sure if can or can't be done i know you can control arduino and LEDs from a cellphone using blue tooth. But i was wondering you do it the other way around and control a cellphone. Like the camera say i want to make a arduinio with a 2 push buttons one to turn the camera on for the cellphone and the other one to take a video or picture i have the iphone 6+ so I'm just wondering if some kind of programing sketch or application for the phone is out there for this?

This is not an Arduino problem. All you need is an iPhone app that will do what you want. If such an app exists, it will probably work without an Arduino and require an iThingy instead. I imagine it would be possible to hack that and use an Arduino instead, but it probably isn't worth the effort.

Hello Nick thanks for the reply. Well it's not a problem at all I was wondering from a programing view if it can be done. Sense we can control arduinos using cellphones and bluetooth why not the other way around?