Unsure of what I'm doing wrong setting up this Arduino...

Hello everyone, I'm currently on my cellphone, so I'm sorry if the formatting of this post is a bit... crazy.

Anywho, I am VERY new to arduino, programming... really, everything, and feeling like I bit off more than I can chew. If this is the wrong forum, please direct me to the right one and I will move it.

I am trying to make a dress light up, 'twinkle' if you want me to be precise. I have a few of the Lilypad Arduino Main Board Aega328Ps, as well as the tiny 250mcd Lilypad LEDs.

I'm trying to get as many LEDS on the arduino as I can, as well as synching it into a program during a show for different lights to light up at different times (I was told they were going to use DMX?)... but at this point, I just really am trying to get white LEDS to twinkle.

I've started to tinker (with a 3v coin battery) and notice as I add more LEDS the light on the arduino, as well as the LEDS start to all flicker rapidly instead of just the arduino light blinking and the LEDS staying lit in a constant manner. So... I'm clueless at this point. I don't know if it's from me having an improper power source, or if it's from the arduino itself.

Please, if anyone can help me, I'd GREATLY appreciate it!!

You are likely drawing more current than the 3V battery can supply. As the current draw increases, the battery voltage drops until the voltage is below what the Arduino needs to run so it resets. You will need a power source that can supply the required LED current plus the current that the Arduino needs. How much current does each LED require? How many LEDs can be on at once? A schematic of the project would be useful.

I'm still at work on my phone, so I'm sorry for the bad drawing. This is along the lines of what I'm looking to do... somehow doing this layout around the whole skirt.


Originally I was thinking of putting the battery source, along with the DMX pack on her thigh... but after more reading today, it seems that when using conductive thread, the farther away your power is from the lilypad, the more power you'll lose, so where and what kind of battery source is still a mystery.

I've also seen other projects where people have put up to a series of 7 on each petal of the liypad. Would that be overkill to the point of needing a big battery if I wanted to do that for most, if not all the petals?