Up and Running

My arduino is all go now. My first sketch is running. its a serial version of hello world but more print lines. I'll keep you guys posted on my projects. By the way I'm 15 XD


There's a lot of really cool projects out there.. other than the Arduino itself, did you also get some basic components to work with?

Yes I got a breaboard some wires and my dad got some leds and gave me a red and a blue. he also ordered an arduino mega and some sensors and a servo. I rewrote the blink sketch for two leds and on the serial monitor it tells me which one is on which is off.

I’m a HUGE fan of the TVout Library… you only need two resistors, and it allow you to use a TV with a composite input as a display. This opens up all kinds of interface fun possibilities, games, and the like for the cost of two resistors…

I was reading about that awhile ago its pretty sweet. My father is going to use his arduino to control an aquaponic growing system.

I wish MY dad were cool enough to know how to use arduino... XD

sciguy: I wish MY dad were cool enough to know how to use arduino... XD

I wish my dad was alive to see me use an arduino...

Cherish your folks while you got 'em, guys - there's no do-over...


Ain't that the truth. Lost my parents young, you never appreciate what you have until it's not there anymore. Just remember he's just a guy trying to make it through the day too, just like you.. that's a realization that takes time, but when it actually hits, might just redefine what's "cool" in your mind, with a little hindsight....

The thing is, Arduino is so flexible, maybe you can come up with a project that plays into HIS interests. He's got to be "into" something, so maybe you can develop something for whatever he is into, with his joining in on the design. You'll be left with much of the tech side, but maybe it'd be enough to bridge the interest gap, who knows... in the worst case, I'm pretty sure I saw a project for using a CH4 sensor to make a fart-controlled TV remote.. Even a veritable "Jabba the Hutt" could get behind (har har) that project!

Please look into it before getting too down on it.. You want to see what it can actually do when pushed right to the edge? This is totally without going beyond C, the 8-bit Integer FFT and Butterfly/Hamming window calculations lib is done in C rather than Arduino, as it has no external calls. A few cycles faster at best. I got featured on on Make magazine's blog for this one:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lt3kTIzNFY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-GZaXQKbf4&feature=channel_video_title http://blurtime.blogspot.com/2010/11/arduino-realtime-audio-spectrum.html

That's a 64 band realtime Fourier transformation and sampling, with video out, all being done on my BoArduino - There is no hardware analysis being done- it's raw wave sampled and processed with a 128byte buffer... and with an earlier, much less efficient version of the TVout lib. YouTube doesn't do it justice, doing all that, the spectrum analyzer refresh is at least 10-15 full data refeshes per second.. only two full scans per data display, which some would argue is faster than should be displayed for such an analysis. I did it for a light show, so it doesn't matter... but let's just say that the assertion the TVout lib is a dog is not exactly accurate, hehe. Don't underestimate what a little efficient code can accomplish. The code is on my blog- it's nothing fancy, just doesn't waste a lot of resources and just goes as fast as the little hamster in the resonator can make it go 'round.

As for the BoArduino, It's just an Uno without the onboard USB/serial chip. 100% Atmel ATMEGA328, no magic just tight code. I've also got my camera trigger project with delay resolution from nanoseconds from the impulse, and scalable delays with microsecond resolution.. all with TVout interface (on that DVD player screen, usually)...

About the only thing that gets to be a little painful is interrupts and the memory footprint of the video data.. but for most applications, the tvout lib is the cheapest and simplest text display available, bar none! Drag racing in a Yugo.. hardly... lol. Besides, give me another alternative that lets me use a 40" LCD as an electronics project output!

As a programmer, I'll let you in on a secret: pretty much 100% of any computer's resources are usually wasted, doing nothing more useful than heating the room. The only time computer power is noticed is when there's not enough.. and for most Arduino projects the computing power is more than excessive for the tasks we ask of it..