Up/Down counter help!!!

I am new with arduino and i don't really understand how to write code for it. I've been trying to figure out how to make a counter that counts down from 30 one increment each time a button is pressed along with a reset switch that sets the counter back to 30.By the way I'm trying to use the arduino mini to keep the project small. Please tel me any tips, suggestions, or codes you might find or have.

Start with reading when the switch is pressed - see the button & debounce tutorials.

The rest is simple. Define variables etc. to work with the following:

void loop(){
// read button presses - result should be that variable  named 'reset' is set to 0 when  reset_button is pressed,
// and variable named 'decrement' is set to 0 when decrement_button is pressed

if (reset == 0){  // assumes reset = 1 until pressed, then it = 0
count = 30);
count_enable = 1;  // allow counting to start
reset = 1; // clear for next pass thru loop
if (decrement == 0 && count_enable == 1) {
count = count-1;
   if (count ==0){
   count_enable = 0;}  // stop counting when get down to 0, no negatives
decrement = 1; // clear for next pass thru loop

I'd say go through all the example sketches and try to follow how they work by looking at the code - and also look at coding tutorials so you'll start to understand more of what you read in the examples. Try small modifications to the examples and learn by your mistakes (and successes!).

And have fun!