update arduino in ubuntu

hi, Im using a new computer, and finally coming back to Linux, I've installed ubuntu 10.10, installed arduino from apt-get, but the version is 018 (nicelly installed automated, and showing in my task bar under programming) I tried to upgrade to 021, downloading the 021V, and just moving the files uncompressed to the folder of 018 (I've done this in Windoz and works fine) but in linux it doesnt let me move the folders (graphically), can I move them forced with sudo?? or will this conflict?? or shall I uninstall and install the 021 and point it? or is there an update or automated install for the 021 to replace the 018??

SOrry for the noob question, thanks ;D

thank you

I have just gone through this exercise in Ubuntu 10.04 I extracted the compressed 021 archive to create the directory arduino-0021 under my home directory. I then did the following in the terminal cd /usr/bin sudo mv arduino arduino_old cd ~/arduino-0021 sudo ./arduino Renaming the old file ensures that version 018 doesn't get picked up first Running arduino as root for the first time was a precaution - I don't know if it writes anything to the root folders on its first run. The user interface should come up and report the new version. If you close it down you should be able to create a launcher to run the arduino script in ~/arduino-0021 It worked for me :) Good luck!

Incidentally I installed Arduin0 021 on a Ubuntu 10.04 laptop which had never seen Arduino before, using much the same procedure. I had to install the gcc-avr and avr-libc packages using Synaptic, but overall it was as easy as using the pre-built 018 package.

Regards Pete

If you want to move stuff around graphically, and need root access to do so - you can "sudo nautilus" from a shell to fire up a root nautilus window...

Whatever you do, though - be careful as root, especially with a drag-n-drop system of nautilus (heck, you always need to be careful as root).


Also - I’ve never installed the Arduino IDE from a repository (at the time I started with 0012, there wasn’t such a thing); I just make folders in the root of my /home area (ie - ~/arduino-0021 - for instance), and unpack the contents there, then move over my 64-bit rxtx library, and manually make a link in my menu. This has the advantage of being able to keep multiple versions of the IDE available in case a project needs migration or regression testing, or anything weird like that.