Update due 16u2

Hello I want to update the DUE firmware.
I follow the steps from the official guide.
This is the error I get all the time:

The official guide uses /dev/ttyACM0 as the port name, but you're using Window, which has different port names. So you need to adjust the avrdude command to use the actual port for your system. You can find it by looking in the Arduino IDE's Tools > Port menu.

So if my uno is at com3 and due at com7 how should i change the command?

Please share the link to the official guide you're following. I'm actually not familiar with this process. I've always been happy enough with my Due as it is.

Okay i think I have done it..
I am doing this because in my project when I turn the power OFF and ON it does not start until I press the "reset" button on the board or I do open the serial...
On uno I did not have any problems like that, unpowering and powering and the program ALWAYS started...
Do you have any tips for that?

Great work!

One thing is might be is that some sketches are specifically configured to not run until a serial connection is opened. They will have some code like this in the setup() function:

while (!SerialUSB) {
  ;  // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

It is not working even with a "blink"example so I am sure that it is some issue.

OK, then it's definitely not related to what I mentioned above.

That the DUE has a power on reset issue is well known (by DUE users).

Its a hardware issue really and Mr Google should find some of the fixes.

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