Update sensor data from arduino iot cloud to google spread sheet went wrongly

Hi guys, I was trying to use Arduino IoT cloud to update sensor data through a google spreadsheet. All I have done so far is I went to IFTTT to create a webhook URL and paste it into Arduino IoT cloud.

I got the sensor data to arrange in the pattern that I don't want, which all the sensor data are mixed up in one column as shown in the figure above. Is there any way that I can do to make the sensor data arrange nicely, whereby I want the EMG data to be at the 3rd column, GSR data at the 4th column, and the stress score at the 5th column? I was not sure what I had done wrong. I follow the instruction in creating the webhook URL as shown in the video below:Store sensor data in Google Sheets using Arduino IoT Cloud, ESP8266 and IFTTT Webhooks

This is how my dashboard looks like:

I am willing to share my dashboard to you if you can help me out with this problems. Thanks