Update sketch by Arduino Uno

Hi! I have an Arduino Uno (AtMega328). Is possible to write to the board's memory?
Basically, I want to receive compiled sketch bytes via BLE, and write to the board's memory. Then, at the end, press Reset.
There is a bootloader that allows this, at least with BLE?

  1. Not everybody will understand right away what BLE stands for, so if you are using abbreviations, explain them at least once (here: BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy)
  2. Every Arduino comes with 3 types of memory; one of them is: EEPROM; the Uno has 1k EEPROM on board

Here is a link to get you more information about the memory types and sizes:

You can read and write to the EEPROM (but not more than about 100.000 cycles).
But I suspect that this is not enough for your entire code (full sketch, if I understood you correctly). And: you want to get it into the "normal" memory to execute the code afterwards, don't you?

Mightbe you could use an SD card to store the sketch and a boot up routine which then reads first the content of the SD card with the code. But I am just guessing; use the forum's search if others have already succeeded with that kind of code shuffling.

How about some googling? arduino upload sketch bluetooth - Google Search