Update sketch to Arduino Uno connected to Raspberry Pi via network


I would really appreciate any hints on how to make a "tunnel" via RPI to upload sketches to Arduino Uno from the "main" laptop.

Something like that:

  • Arduino Uno is connected to Raspberry Pi (via USB).
  • Raspberry Pi is connected to home wifi network.
  • Arduino IDE (or PlatformIO) runs on the main desktop or laptop, connected to the same wifi/lan. The IDE sees Arduino as a "network port", and you can upload sketches to it, as if it was connected to the local USB (or as if you are updating OTA-capable card).

What I hope to achieve is Arduino + RPI "tinkering" environment, not physically connected to laptop or desktop, for my kids.

I have found several ways to achieve almost what I want:

  • Run IDE on the RPI itself. However, I do prefer to run IDE on my PC/laptop (better performance, etc).
  • SSH to RPI and run command line deployment scripts. However, I do prefer more "native" IDE integration.
  • OTA updates directly to Arduino (skip RPI). Comes with its own issues to address.

I'd really appreciate any hints on how to setup such a "tunnel" (if it is even possible).

I typically go the other direction: Arduino --> rPi


In re-reading your post, it is now obvious my link above is pretty useless as you already have several solutions, just not one that is optimum.

Honestly, I have run ArduinoIDE on a rpi-4 with 4G and it is rather adequate, IMO.

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