Update sketch with USB pen drive

Hello all…

For some time I’m developing a small project with arduino mega. I’d like to include the ability to update the sketch loaded on board, without using the Arduino IDE.

This “Palm” will be used for an Open Source project and thought to provide (in addition to source code) version is also already completed.

You can install it automatically on the flash drive uploading the file and then update the “handheld” by inserting the pen drive.

I hope I explained myself.

Thanks to all

There are two ways to do such a thing:

The Arduino can't read a USB FLASH drive and only the bootloader can load data into the internal FLASH of the ATmega chip (where sketches are loaded). You could add a USB Host Shield to allow access to USB peripherals like a USB FLASH drive. Then you can write your own bootloader to access the USB FLASH drive and load new programming.

Another choice is to create a small programmer with one of the smaller ATmega chips, an ISP connector on one end and an SD Card slot at the other end. Then you can give one of those away with each device and send the new programming on an SD card.