Updated FTDI Drivers For Arduino IDE for Windows 7

I noticed that on Windows 7 RC1 the Arduino 16 drivers do not work (at least for me). It is easy enough to download this (http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM%202.04.16%20WHQL%20Certified.zip) driver package to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer on Windows 7. I just would think that with the Windows 7 release coming in 3 months and the amount of users using the RC1 already (it has passed the number of Linux users already) that we would want to have the new drivers. Unless Arduino 0017 will come out before then I just think the drivers should be updated. :)

thanks for the info. Havent checked, but doesnt Windows 7 have them in their online repository so you can install them when you plug in the ardu for the first time?

I didn't check that actually. If they are in there than someone should update the setup page. Is there anyway that I could do it?

I am using a 64bit version and the ArduinoMega was detected straight away and drivers were downloaded and installed automagically. The UI is unbearably slow in Windows 7 but that's another story.

Regards, Xander

I didn't install any drivers, Windows have them on Windows Update.

As for the IDE, download the latest Java JRE (32bit even if you have 64bit Windows). Install it and go to Program Files, Java. Copy the folder and move it to the Arduino IDE's folder. It works like a charm for me and it fixed the Aero problem!